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Lower costs with transportation spend management.

In an increasingly dynamic ecommerce environment with many technological changes, shippers are being challenged to control costs while providing market-leading customer satisfaction. enVista’s transportation spend management service addresses those needs and more.

Transportation spend management tsm leads to lower shipping costs during the holiday seasons.
Transportation companies must continuously improve to keep up with global trade demand.

Control parcel costs with transportation spend management and parcel management services.

enVista’s parcel spend management solution combines carrier contract optimization and negotiation with enVista’s proprietary myShipINFO® solution, which includes parcel audit and management, reporting and visibility, allowing you to lower shipping costs.

Contract Management

enVista’s experienced team of former carrier pricing managers offer future-state modeling, granular contract analytics, scenario management, contract optimization support, peer-based benchmarking and proactive freight data monitoring.

Parcel Audit

Our transportation spend management experts provide comprehensive parcel shipment and accessorial audit, credit recovery and call centers to maximize credit recovery.

Data Visibility

Our executive dashboards offer data visualizations, as well as management reporting.

Proven experience. Maximum results.

Reducing Expenses Through Parcel Audit and Contract Management for Gump’s San Francisco

  • Engaged enVista to conduct a parcel audit and perform an analysis of its invoice data and carrier pricing agreements
  • enVista’s myShipINFO solution allowed Gump’s to achieve greater visibility to transportation expenses through detailed reporting
  • The project resulted in a significant reduction in shipping expense and maintained the integrity of Gump’s relationship with its carriers
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Reduce Annual Transportation Spend

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Savings From Contract Negotiation
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Savings From Parcel Audit

Featured Transportation Insights

Drive optimal solutions with transportation spend management solutions.

If your company is experiencing problems with unnecessarily high transportation spend, or if you sense an opportunity related to your transportation spend, enVista’s transportation analysis and solution design experts can make a huge difference in your freight bill. Our consultants will analyze your problem or opportunity and give you a plan of action for how to deal with it.

enVista brings unparalleled experience designing and implementing transportation solutions, managing transportation operations, and auditing carrier invoices. Our transportation management consultants have a proven track record of success reducing transportation costs from source to consumption, and we are passionate about helping clients run more efficient and profitable operations.

enVista is deeply experienced in all manner of transportation analysis, including: strategic network design, carrier sourcing, carrier contract analysis and negotiation, and more. Our proprietary software solutions ensure objective, data-driven analysis and decision making. These analytics and consulting services may be project-based as needed, using experts familiar with your operations, business processes and data.

Our team of transportation analysis and solution design experts will enable you to:

  • Optimize your transportation networks for maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • Structure your transportation planning from the top, down: mode, service, carrier, and ensure you have the right enabling technologies to execute the plan
  • Plan and operate to meet your needs – irrespective of your carrier
  • Reduce total transportation spend and eliminate waste with strategic sourcing
  • Improve efficiency and reduce slack in the system
  • Improve carrier performance, integration and relationship(s)
  • Incorporate systems thinking into your strategy
  • Understand your costs in relation to the market with cost modeling
  • Increase data quality to understand what your shipments should be costing you, across modes and geographies

Get custom transportation spend analytics for your organization.

Our transportation spend management consultants will join your team and have conversations about problems/opportunities within your organization. We will discuss the requirements and constraints of your desired project and help you figure out how to analyze it.

Our transportation and logistics consultants will help you determine the key metrics that will help you resolve your problem as well as what the typical best practices say regarding how to go forward addressing your issue. Our role during this process will be that of “professional troubleshooters.” We will help you figure out the root cause and the solution of your transportation problems.

Our transportation spend analytics team turns data into results through analytics, market knowledge, and a collaborative approach to solution design. The transportation maturity model allows shippers to visualize a roadmap from where they are today to a successful future with a lower freight bill.

Our team, in an effort to diagnose your transportation problem, will perform standard value-added analyses, such as:

  • Zone Jump Analysis
  • Mode Optimization
  • Service Level Optimization
  • General Rate Increase Analysis
  • Dedicated Fleet Assessment
  • Network Change Impact Analysis

Let's have a conversation.

Our transportation spend analytics team delivers exceptional solutions and drive cost savings. Learn how we can accelerate results for you and your organization.

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