Simplify hardware and software equipment vendor management.

enVista provides an optimized price and access to best-of-breed technology, minimizing the number of vendors relationships to manage. This results in reduced lead time, cost avoidance and improved end-user satisfaction.

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Leverage enVista for all your hardware and software equipment needs.

enVista has partnered with major manufacturers of technology hardware and software equipment to provide the best-of-breed solutions clients need – from servers to desktops and laptops, networking devices and storage area networks. We provide maximum value to clients by spending significant time and effort researching and selecting hardware and software equipment. Additionally, we consult with clients to determine the equipment that best meets their needs and often bring the equipment partner to the table to help design the right solution for our client. Our team members are certified and highly trained to implement and train users on the equipment.


Our end-to-end solution design process considers the complete technology vendor lifecycle to help realize clients’ strategic objectives.

Strong Vendor Ecosystem

Our deep and tenured relationships with our vendor ecosystem enables us to take on the responsibility for product procurement on behalf of our clients.

Digital Acceleration

Our product sourcing role supports our clients’ design and implementation of advanced technologies where they may not have the in-house knowledge nor expertise.

Cost Optimization

Our relationships with vendors enable us to consolidate purchasing so that our clients receive pricing based upon larger volumes.

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