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Solve support challenges with enVista’s Service Desk.

enVista’s Service Desk is a comprehensive, central hub for all supported IT and selected non-IT business needs. Our omnichannel Service Desk includes digital channels, live channels and direct channels.

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Service Structure Designed to Optimize the User Experience

enVista’s service desk management delivers a superior end user support experience that improves user satisfaction and productivity through a combination of simple and intuitive self-service solutions. These solutions are combined with an omnichannel contact center offering several communication channels to meet the needs of every user. This is underpinned by proactive experience management functions to provide exceptional service. 

Client Success at the Heart of Our Approach

All end-user contact, whether automated, self-service or agent-assisted must leave the customer delighted while exceeding expectations. Our focus is on creating personalized and memorable support experiences through the quality of tooling, a high touch help desk and delivering the highest levels of customer care.  

Intelligent Omnichannel Support Platform

Our Service Desk is an omnichannel, interconnected support center offering context-based support for both IT and non-IT issues. We offer depth in analytics that can be applied equally well to both IT and business support. 

True Global Delivery Coverage

We deliver support to users globally, no matter the language, operating hours or support topic — whether IT- or business-related.

End-to-End Service Analytics

We collect and analyze service data to provide valuable insights into how the service can be continuously improved providing more value to clients through continuous improvement. 

Effective Knowledge Management

We provide and maintain common and customer-specific knowledge needed to have effective self-service and virtual assistant functions.

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