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Start conducting parcel carrier invoice audits.

It is a new era in business. High-volume shippers now must protect their brand’s last mile promise by delivering on-time and on-budget. Are you being charged correctly? Are there unknown assessorial charges? Are your packages being delivered on-time?

Reduce transportation spend with smart parcel audit services.


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It is important to keep your carriers honest with enVista performance, rate and billing audits. We perform a comprehensive review of your contracts making sure they align with service guarantees, level of service, pricing and performance. Benchmarking is a core competency for enVista and a central component of our strategic sourcing services. Take back control and command of your transportation spend. It is a complex and time intensive procedure to perform in-house, enVista’s experience and expertise provides the stress-free insights into your transportation and logistics activities that will help you make the right decisions for your business.

Invoice Audit & Automation

As e-commerce growth continues to increase, the need for tools to report, audit and control package spend are paramount to successfully managing your carrier relationships and delivering on customer expectations. enVista’s in-house team of experts can help.

Finance & Payment

Carrier payment and GL coding are complex and time-consuming processes that involve an entire team of resources. enVista can help take the legwork out of manual entry with a fully streamlined freight payment software.

Business Intelligence

In an era where companies have access to endless amounts of data via carrier invoice feeds and transportation systems, the universal challenge is integrating all the disparate data sources and transforming the results into dashboards that allow for agile decision-making. Selecting the right transportation business intelligence partner is critical to bridging this gap.

Contract Optimization

Integrated contract optimization comprises much more than just carrier sourcing. It incorporates sourcing with operational efficiency to achieve organization objectives at the lowest possible cost.

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Accent Decor Strategic Carrier Sourcing – The Perfect Accessory to Control Your Transportation Spend

  • Collected a year’s worth of shipment-level data and compiled a model to identify and predict cost reduction opportunities from a sourcing event
  • Crafted a complete RFP package that included shipment data, a company profile, RFP timeline, and RFP response templates for carriers to utilize
  • Modeled all the proposals and then analyzed the results to determine an optimal carrier mix and negotiated with carriers
  • Saved the company an average of 8-10% over the previously sourced contracts

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