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Distribution Center Liquidation

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Liquidating and de-installing existing assets in a distribution center can be an overwhelming task. A well-documented, detailed plan executed by an experienced staff can make this challenging task a much simpler one. Here are 4 steps you can follow to ensure a successful, well-managed liquidation process.

Distribution Center Liquidation Plan

Assessment: Begin by taking a comprehensive assessment of all the equipment in your facility. The equipment should then categorized by residual value and documented in a spreadsheet known as the Bill of Material (BOM). This list is then reviewed to confirm the BOM accuracy.

RFQ: An RFQ is a critical component to the process. It outlines all the requirements that you and the re-use vendors must follow during the bidding and de-installation process.

Bidding: The RFQ should be extended to vendors to open the bidding on the MHE. Vendors should be invited to walk through the facility to assess the equipment for sale. Vendors should be given a deadline to submit their bids and one person should manage the collection of the bids. There will be several rounds of bidding until you agree to accept final bids or the deadline occurs. Winning bidders are then notified and the equipment de-installation begins.

Management: A Project Manager (PM) should be appointed to manage the entire de-installation from start to finish. The PM will ensure that the work is completed on time and within project guidelines. The PM will enforce and ensure safety and plant standards and has the final sign-off responsibilities for de-installation close-out.

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