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Competitive Advantage with Better EDI

EDI and B2B integration between trading partners is nothing new. The cost-effectiveness over manual processing and security concerns in the midst of digital transformation have been key drivers in EDI and Managed File Transfer (MFT) adoption.

But don’t sell yourself short. You can get more out of EDI than just the basics.

The internet and mobile technology have tipped the scales so that your customers have become data-rich and highly informed. This means that competition has shifted away from merely selling great products or services and has evolved to focus on managing the customer experience.

Businesses must now look beyond basic EDI and MFT compliance and consider how data management and actionable business intelligence consulting become a true competitive advantage.

So how can something as mundane as EDI become a competitive advantage as you seek to craft seamless customer experiences?

Go Beyond EDI with enVista

Depending on your EDI solution provider, you have the opportunity to turn EDI into an opportunity for optimal data management, exposing data to drive business intelligence and provide visibility across the enterprise.

enVista’s EDI solutions allow big box and specialty retailers to move beyond EDI by optimizing trading partner management; increasing visibility to inventory, orders, products and catalogs; and enabling drop shipping on a single platform.

enVista makes EDI management easy. We provide the ability to cost-effectively exchange real-time data in multiple file formats and languages up and downstream to manage trading partners, customer expectations, service levels, and unify commerce. Data management, routing, scripting, and translation between trading partners become simple and easy with enVista.

From Basic EDI to EDI Integration (iPaaS)

enVista enables enterprise commerce with a single, cloud-based solution on a common Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). We go beyond Managed File Transfer by exposing data and allowing non-technical users to view and edit data. enVista’s MFT solution is affordable and drives value for your company and its trading partners.

Benefits of enVista EDI

  • Scalable EDI – Integrate with ERP, Warehouse Management Systems, Order Management Systems and more
  • Fair Pricing – Most EDI providers price based on character count (in kilocharacters) rather than volume of documents. enVista also doesn’t charge for EDI 997 (functional acknowledgement of EDI transactions received)
  • Straight Forward Billing – No hidden fees, onsite hardware or software
  • Exceptional Customer Service – Provide tailored solutions to fit your business needs
  • Managed Services – If managing EDI is not your core competency, we can manage it
  • Quick Implementation – Up and running in 6 – 8 weeks

Switch to enVista EDI

The right EDI provider should fit today’s business needs and scale for tomorrow without hidden fees, or onsite software and hardware. enVista’s EDI for retail gives you the ability to seamlessly exchange data with trading partners and across your retail network for better business intelligence, collaboration, and customer service.

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