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Data is the lifeblood of any company and, if managed correctly, can be the competitive edge needed to set your company apart in driving customer experience, strategic decision-making and greater efficiency.

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Today, supply chain and omnichannel have a critical impact on boardroom results and shareholder value. Data is the core of any company and business intelligence consulting turns data into opportunity. 

Cost drivers like supply chain and omnichannel labor, evolving technologies such as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data now impact decision-making at the C-Suite level – making it vital to find the right business intelligence consulting partner to support your business goals. enVista enables and delivers the key performance indicators (KPIs), predictive insights and data to maximize and accelerate business results by aligning your business decisions with your data assets. We help your organization build a custom BI roadmap and data management strategy catered to your specific needs.

AI-Powered Dynamic Inventory Allocation

We use predictive analytics to position inventory, reduce transportation costs and increase speed fulfillment time frames to improve customer service.

Order Orchestration and Fulfillment

We provide key dashboards with analytics and alerts for full order orchestration and fulfillment visibility.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

We develop S&OP processes to manage and drive business results with custom BI solutions.


Our BI business intelligence solutions team understands the importance of carrier performance to global transportation spend and provides near real-time, customizable dashboards to help drive business results and successful fleet management.

DC and Warehouse Optimization

Use business analytics consulting to analyze the metrics that drive your warehouse management system (WMS) for greater insights into labor performance and technology.

Store Labor Management

Gain actionable insights into in-store traffic patterns and discover how to best leverage ship-from-store strategies.

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American Freight Mattress logo

Optimizing American Freight’s Customer Experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Experienced rapid growth after combining with Sears Outlet in 2020 – ultimately amassing more than 30 point of sale (POS) instances and 33 financial instances across hundreds of stores
  • Unified commerce across its 300+ stores by deploying Microsoft D365 to improve performance on the back end
  • Implemented Power BI that aggregated data from both the legacy systems and new Dynamics 365 solution to maintain historical records
couch ordered from bi dashboards on a mobile app

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Business intelligence consulting drives success.

Data is the lifeblood of any company and, if managed correctly, can be the competitive edge needed to set your company apart in terms of customer experience, strategic decision making and driving efficiency. However, with the popularity of analytic startups and the hype around machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data, finding the right data management partner to support your company goals can be difficult. Additionally, there appears to be a new competition of who can generate the most data, but most companies still have limited resources (funds and people) to devote to the growing data problem. All too often, companies throw technology at a data problem rather than fundamentally aligning their business decisions and goals with their data assets. Make better data-driven decisions and improve business processes with enVista’s business intelligence consulting services. We gather and analyze the data for you, so you can focus on implementing the needed changes within your organization.

Where are you today and where are you looking to be in three years? Our roadmap assessment involves interviewing users from individual analysts to the C-Suite. This process helps to take inventory on how you are positioned to meet your company’s longer-term analytics needs and goals. As part of the assessment, our BI consultants review your people, processes, technology and strategy to identify areas where gaps might exist or areas where additional investment may be of most value.

Unfortunately, no digital technologies provider has developed the cure-all where one application can run every facet of your business and analyze all data sources. Until that day comes, the Data Warehouse (sometimes referred to as the Data Lake) will still be of paramount importance for your business. Data warehousing can be approached from many different angles, as referenced below, but our goal is to set you up with the BI solution that best meets your current and long-term needs. Some of the data warehousing decisions we will help you make include:

  • Data Warehouse vs. Data Lake
  • Real-Time vs. Batch Oriented
  • Cloud Based vs. On-Premise
  • Self Service vs. Centralized
  • Inmon vs. Kimball

Design Phase

Our goal in the design assessment is to better understand the insights that represent the pulse of your business (i.e., customer satisfaction, revenue, margin, inventory), the data assets that exist within your organization (i.e., databases, software as a service (SaaS), spreadsheets), and the interactions your employees and customers have with data each day. The deliverable of this phase is a blueprint and timeline for how we would recommend managing your data assets via a central repository (aka single source of truth).

Build Phase

Based on the blueprint from the design phase, the build phase involves various iterations in combining your data into a cohesive and comprehensive solution. We work with you on setting the priority and suggest embedding individuals from your organization on the delivery team to aid in understanding and adoption. In tandem with the build of the data warehouse, we are also working with your business users and analysts on the best methods for visualizing your data. Common questions of this phase include:

  • Who is the audience?
  • How will the data be accessed (browser, mobile, operations center)?
  • What action can be inferred or taken from the data presented on the visualization?
  • What collaboration is needed to correctly interpret what the data is telling us?

Because businesses are always changing, and new data is constantly being on-boarded, the build phase can last forever. Our goal is to train your users on the entire process, so that they can continue the evolution and be champions for fostering further adoption within your organization.

Do you have data assets but are having difficulty exposing or interpreting them? enVista can help in building out reports and dashboards so that you have the information you need to support decision-making via data analysis. We have experience in a variety of enterprise reporting and data visualization tools and are here to help should you need new development or conversion of existing reports/dashboards to a new platform.

With over 5,000 data analytics startups and business intelligence systems in the marketplace, business intelligence tool selection can lead to “paralysis by analysis.” The hype and growth of analytics makes it impossible to know which BI platform is the best fit for your organization. We have helped many organizations in evaluating the tool or set of tools that best align with their business intelligence and analytics strategy. The business intelligence consulting team at enVista can manage the entire data and analytics platform selection process, from scheduling and hosting demos with vendors, to developing the framework by which the vendors will be evaluated. The decision is yours to make, but we are here to help navigate the complex landscape and provide feedback based on our years of experience and breadth of knowledge in the marketplace.

Do you need robust insights but don’t want to dedicate the time and resources into building up an analytics team? We’ve got an answer for that. With analytics being in high demand at every company, talented resources are in limited supply. The analytics landscape changes daily and can be a full-time job to manage. Our Analytics as a Service (AaaS) offering puts the responsibility on us to ensure you are getting the insights you need quickly and accurately. We’ll design, build, maintain, and deliver insights directly to you based on the business questions you need answered. At enVista, we don’t just have a talented team of individuals with experience in business intelligence, analytics and data integration. We also have decades worth of experience in supply chain, transportation, and commerce to inform us as we create a custom BI solution for your organization. This is why we have a reputation as one of the best business intelligence consulting firms on the market.

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