Adapt to changing business requirements with enVista’s DC optimization services.

enVista can develop a comprehensive distribution center optimization roadmap to address increasing consumer demands, changing order profiles, SKU proliferation and dramatic volume shifts to meet the evolving needs of your customers.

distribution center optimization
A distribution center forklift for pallet handling.

Meet your increasing operational requirements through an optimized DC.

enVista’s team is ready to help you maximize the use of your existing supply chain assets. We will provide a comprehensive distribution center optimization assessment that includes equipment, flow, processes, systems and operational plans to focus your improvements in those areas to best help you meet your short- and long-term goals. 

React to Changes in Order Profiles

With orders across all channels generally trending smaller and more frequent, this added operational complexity creates new operational challenges. Our team can help explore solutions to meet prepare for and address these challenges.

Optimize Storage Capacity

Explore alternative storage strategies, optimize beam placements or review impacts of aisle adjustments. Regardless of the solution, walk away with the confidence in an optimized storage strategy to maximize your DC capacity.

Maximize Throughput and Improve Service

Maximize the throughput in your DC through equipment, process or operational changes to ensure you can meet current and future volume and order commitments. This will in turn support improvements in delivery against your service level agreements.

Reduce Cycle Times

Understand the various elements that make up your overall order cycle time and evaluate all options to reduce the cycle times and better react to changing customer expectations.

Reduce Labor Requirements and Improve Efficiencies

In today’s tight labor market, hiring and retaining associates is challenging. Let enVista help explore all opportunities to improve labor efficiencies.

DC Modeling

enVista’s team of engineers will develop a model tailored specifically for your operations to provide you with the critical visibility for future operational requirements, with the capability to compare against available capacities to know when and how to react.

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