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Establish critical DC capacity visibility and know how to react.

In today’s retail environment, capacity pressures continue to evolve to meet increasing volumes, order profiles and customer requirements. enVista helps establish critical capacity visibility and unlocks your operation’s full potential.


Ensure distribution center capacity by creating maximum efficiency.

Leverage enVista experts to analyze your DC operations to achieve operational excellence. enVista will assess and analyze your infrastructure and operations to determine current and future capacity constraints. We will then develop a detailed strategy to alleviate constraints and increase production and processing timelines.

DC Capacity Analysis

Our team develops capacity models tailored to your unique facility and operation to provide the forward visibility critical to your unique needs. Business assumption and parameter inputs provide modeling flexibility, while outputs span ritical capacity measures including storage, throughput and locations.

Scenario Execution

Essential business scenarios are jointly defined and formally documented. These scenarios are then modeled, with output results captured to provide an outlook across a range of potential future operational plans.

Sensitivity Analysis

Which business assumptions or operational parameters have the biggest impact on the DC capacity outlook? Let our tailored capacity models provide you with those insights to understand what to watch for, and where to react.

Capacity Opportunity

We collectively document potential exists to unlock additional capacity in the development of the capacity model. These capacity opportunities can be incorporated into model scenarios to provide you with the insight needed to make intelligent business decisions.

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