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Build a performance-driven workforce with enCompass™.

enCompass™ is a comprehensive, cloud-based labor management application that helps organizations improve operational cost effectiveness. Through real-time performance management, employee engagement and data analytics, enCompass™ maximizes performance and continuous improvement.

The enCompass LMS on a laptop.

enCompass™ offers the value of a world-class LMS program without the complexity.

Optimizing performance of the workforce is a top priority for distribution center leaders, and a robust labor management system can help drive down costs.

Until now, labor management systems have often been too expensive or complex to implement for many operations. enCompass™ labor management system provides a simple solution to measure discrete engineered labor standards while allowing you to focus on people and processes for optimal performance.

Robust Results

Achieve robust results through a simple and user-friendly solution, which are rapidly implemented on a cloud-based model.

Greater Employee Morale

Increase employee tenure and morale through fair expectations.

Enhanced Productivity

Boost productivity and reduce labor costs by improving employee engagement and reducing manual processes.

Real-Time Visibility

Gain real-time visibility into your team’s performance and utilize data to reevaluate and better prioritize tasks.

Continuous Improvement

Foster continuous improvement while putting greater emphasis on people and processes.

Cloud-Based Deployment

  • Ensure quicker time to value
  • Pay for only the capacity needed investing/maintaining hardware and other technology infrastructure
  • Structured pricing model so there are no large upfront license fees

Labor Standards Database

  • Established over many years using best practice industrial engineering techniques
  • Leveraged as a rapid standards development, further increasing the speed of deployment
  • Labor planning and forecasting module for ease of use

Warehouse Labor Management

  • Warehouse map display with simulated distance calculation
  • Multi-warehouse dynamic reporting capability
  • Observation management capabilities

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