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Find the right transportation management system.

Our global consulting practice helps shippers and logistics service providers solve complex challenges. Our transportation management solutions team is unique in our business case discipline, robust methodologies, proprietary tools and breadth and depth in software solutions.

A plane carries an order on a route managed by a cloudbased TMS.
Freight shipping trucks managed by a transportation management system software..

Allow enVista's transportation management systems team to help design a winning transportation strategy.

Our team of transportation management solutions experts understand the benefits and risks of transportation management system (TMS) evaluation. Allow us to find the right TMS solution for your organization and guide its implementation.

TMS Software Partner Management

We take on the burden of engaging with potential TMS software vendors and working on lowering your total transportation costs.

Evaluation Criteria

We leverage our functional, technical and security & performance knowledge related to TMS systems to establish a like-for-like comparison among software vendors. This streamlines the TMS software selection process.

Solution Scope

Not all TMS providers cover the same breadth and depth of custom solutions. Allow us to share our experience with which applications are best suited for your transportation and freight management needs.

TMS Implementation Plan

The steps needed to get transportation management software up and running can be daunting. Implementing a managed TMS can be confusing at first. We have the experience in the TMS market to know the dependencies and durations along the path from kickoff to go-live.

Return on Investment

Our transportation management services experts will lay out both one-time and on-going transportation costs against the benefit dollar realization. This drives time-to-value calculations and determines the feasibility of the business case.

Proven experience. Maximum results.

Driving 15% Freight Spend Savings from TMS Implementation for Global Retailer

  • Multi-billion dollar retailer had limited visibility and compliance enforcement. Its inbound freight spend was increasing relative to sales.
  • enVista redesigned the retailer’s transportation planning and execution process to align with industry best practices.
  • enVista implemented a web-portal based TMS to increase visibility, lower and control freight spend, and improve execution and allocate costs.
A shipping container managed by logistics software.

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TMS Implementation FAQs

Shipment management is a major expense in the overall supply chain for most companies. But even more than that, shipment management can be a time sink. Effectively directing and coordinating shipments, ensuring that they are in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and properly documenting these movements is a complex and time-consuming task. A reliable transportation management system can lower your shipping costs and save hours of employee labor.

Also called a TMS or a TMS system, a transport management system is a tool designed to help streamline and optimize the entire shipping process. A transportation management system is used to plan freight movements, accomplish freight rating and shopping across all modes, select the appropriate route and carrier and manage freight bills and payments.

An effective transportation management system platform incorporates advanced automation solutions for regulating and simplifying key processes and tasks. Global TMS analytics also provide detailed analysis into essential day-to-day transport operations. This provides actionable insights for improvement and optimization. Since modern supply chains depend on extensive planning and decisive execution, the improved accuracy and supply chain visibility provided by the right TMS has the potential to revolutionize your business.

TMS solutions are capable of handling key functions throughout entire load cycles, from planning, through execution and tracking, and into payment and reporting. As such, an effective transportation management system can provide some significant benefits:

  • Reduced costs and time investments through optimized shipments, transport modes and a transportation plan.
  • Accelerated freight booking and tendering through automation of key tasks.
  • Tracking shipments provides improved shipment location awareness.
  • Carrier productivity assessment through advanced tracking.
  • Streamlined patent processes through automatic carrier invoicing.
  • Reduced expenses and shipping rates and improved service levels. This is done through detailed and ongoing monitoring, reporting, route planning and analysis.

Throughout the world and across essentially every industry, organizations are embracing digital automation and analytics solutions to manage global supply chains. Transportation management software brings shipping and logistics into the future, allowing you to do and accomplish more, at lower cost, and with fewer resources. This shift is only the beginning. Investing in a transportation management system means future proofing your business.

enVista ensures your TMS implementation runs smoothly.

Manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers are constantly challenged with meeting “perfect” delivery expectations at the lowest cost possible. In this environment, companies need help understanding, selecting, and implementing transportation and delivery management software. Today’s transportation leaders need tight alignment between their business requirements, operational processes, transportation systems, and integration capabilities. They need a transportation management system that provides a view of an entire supply chain network.

With enVista as your implementation partner, we will aid you in your TMS provider selection and implementation to help you:

  • Develop and define business rules and configuration requirements.
  • Document technical specifications, integration points and standard operating procedures of key business processes and exceptions.
  • Configure applications to enable future state processes.
  • Automate repetitive or low-value tasks with a single platform, enabling employees to focus on higher value-generating activities.
  • Improve visibility and standardize reporting metrics and training resources on new or enhanced applications and processes.

Our steps to ensure you have a successful TMS implementation include:

  • Project planning
  • Conference room pilot (CRP)
  • Application configuration
  • Reporting
  • Detailed integration definition
  • Carrier EDI setup
  • End-user and user acceptance testing
  • Vendor and carrier on-boarding
  • Training for all stakeholders
  • Development of documented standard operating procedures
  • Go-live support
  • Post-implementation support

transportation management system (TMS) is used to plan freight movements, conduct freight rating and shopping across all modes, select the appropriate route and carrier, and manage freight bills and payments. Once you have selected your TMS software, our implementation experts can help you integrate it with your business.

We do not leave you once the transportation management system implementation is done.

Our TMS implementation experts will ensure you have the expertise to manage the application, but we will still be there every step of the way to make sure your company will:

  • Maximize the return on investment by using the technology more efficiently
  • Gain efficiencies by improving the super user application knowledge
  • Reduce network-wide costs by implementing advanced transportation strategies
  • Streamline internal processes through better user workflows and technology configurations
  • Increase visibility by reducing “out of the system” work that is being done

Our team develops an understanding of your people, roles and capabilities to tailor your processes, training and documentation to your specific needs. Our enABLE methodology establishes multiple user testing cycles to ensure the quality of the deployment and adequate training. Our supply chain management and transportation consultants have a deep understanding of the technologies. Our team supports the discovery and design phase with configuration and process recommendations. Whether you are seeking a traditional TMS or cloud TMS, our team has the resources to help you optimize your transportation networks. From fleet optimization, to delivery management, to proof of delivery, we have the tools you need to streamline your transportation processes.

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