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BOPIS Strategy

Provide a convenient, personalized buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) experience with enVista solutions. Leverage store inventory, reduce fulfillment costs and enhance customer service. We make it easy for consumers and store associates.

Get to know BOPIS.

BOPIS or buy online, pick up in store means exactly what it sounds like – customers get the convenience of searching for a product online and then picking it up at a time that works best for the customer. BOPIS gives customers control and convenience, allowing them to customize their shopping experience to suit them. enVista’s OMS enables your brand to combine your company’s digital presence with your physical store to enable the most profitable fulfillment options for your business and your customers.

Simplify BOPIS for your consumers & store associates.

Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) provides a win-win fulfillment solution for customers and retailers alike. Retailers benefit from an opportunity to provide a positive customer experience and improved margins by mitigating fulfillment costs.

Our order management system (OMS) provides advanced customer experience management, including inventory visibility, order confirmations, alerts and updates. Store associates appreciate our highly-intuitive, easy-to-use user interface (no training/manual required) that makes it simple to seamlessly integrate a BOPIS strategy in your store so that you can fulfill orders and deliver personalized service for customers.

How You Can Use BOPIS to Enable Your Business

A BOPIS strategy allows you to better leverage your store’s inventory and reduce fulfillment costs across the board. Expose store. Expose store inventory available-to-promise (ATP), minimize fulfillment timeframes for your customer and avoid high costs associated with last-mile fulfillment. Further, increase average customer cart size and create additional opportunities for add-on purchases.

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Build A More Convenient Customer Experience

Meet consumer expectations for fulfillment with a convenient and easy shopping experience. In instances where fulfillment speed is paramount to the consumer, BOPIS provides an opportunity for rapid fulfillment for same-or next-day pickup.

enVista’s solution enables visibility to in-store inventory and order fulfillment timeframes. Our robust customer experience management offering proactively provides communications to your customers throughout the lifecycle of the order. Deliver a seamless BOPIS experience that fosters brand loyalty and competitive advantage.

Shorten Fulfillment Timeframes and Reduce Costs

Avoid costly last-mile parcel shipping by nudging your customer to buy online, pick up in store. BOPIS provides opportunities to fulfill orders close to the point of the demand to reduce fulfillment timeframes to get orders into your customers’ hands at a lower cost and faster timeframe.

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Drive Store Traffic & Add-On Purchases

BOPIS drives additional traffic to your store where consumers often opt to make additional purchases. By promoting and leveraging store inventory, retailers typically realize increased profit margins.

enVista enables retailers to deliver an optimal BOPIS experience that encourages customer loyalty and repeat sales. A great omnichannel customer experience encourages further sales opportunities.

Personalize Your Brand Experience

Deliver a more meaningful and personalized interaction that humanizes your brand and fosters a relationship with your customers. Drive brand loyalty with exceptional customer service and a simple, convenient shopping experience through a BOPIS strategy.

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Ease of Adoption & Use

Your associates are the face of your brand. Help attract and retain store associates by providing the modern tools and technology that make the job of fulfilling BOPIS orders extremely easy, quick, intuitive and convenient – no training manual required! We make it easy for your associates to deliver a BOPIS expereince with exceptional, personalized customer service. 

Accelerate Omnichannel with Agility & Profitability

Speed Integration & Time to Value

Rapidly integrate with existing systems and integration points across your enterprise. Deploy in weeks or months, not years.

Reduce Costs

Lower total cost of ownership through reduced integration costs, increased gross margin return on inventory investment (GMROI), reduced fulfillment costs and improved working capital.

Improve Customer Experience & Brand Loyalty

Deliver a consistent, stellar omnichannel brand experience.

Only enVista uniquely accelerates
and maximizes your omnichannel results.

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I would tell other companies that are interested in doing business with enVista that in doing so, they will have a true partner.
Chad Hamby, VP, eCommerce Operations & Solutions


The capabilities of enVista’s OMS and Unified Commerce Platform are extremely robust. enVista’s solution is exceptionally sophisticated and agile to meet our long-term needs.
Tricia Tolivar
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


The Enspire Commerce team brings a wealth of retail and 3PL experience, making them a valued partner for our business.
Steve Congro
Director, Omnichannel Technology


enVista’s OMS and Körber’s WMS provide robust capabilities and seamlessly integrate, enabling us to optimally manage high order volumes at a time when consumers increasingly work out at home.
Jeff Hill
Director of IT
Titan Brands

enVista is well positioned to continue their growth... we believe they will continue to be even more disruptive against some of the more established vendors they compete with.

— Jerry Sheldon, Analyst, IHL

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In the retail space, the acronym BOPIS stands for ‘buy online, pick up in-store.’ BOPIS provides customers with the option to purchase goods online. Their purchase is then prepared in-store and can be picked up by the customer at the brick and mortar location via one of several methods including a designated pickup area, curbside pickup, or a retail locker.

At enVista, we’re equipped to help retailers implement this option to help users and customers alike take advantage of the benefits of BOPIS.

BOPIS options for customers require that the given business have both an online and physical storefront. 

  1. Order Online: To start, customers use the BOPIS option by selecting ‘in-store pickup’ when shopping online or with a retail app. 
  2. Fulfill In-Store: The order is then sent to the physical store for fulfillment. 
  3. Pick Up In-Store: Once it’s ready, the customer is notified and can pick up the order during regular business hours.

According to the National Retail Federation, 97% of consumers have backed out of a purchase because it was inconvenient for them but over 90% of shoppers agree that BOPIS options provide critical convenience as they buy. 

  • Increase time efficiency – BOPIS is more convenient and reliable for customers looking for quick purchases with guaranteed stock.
  • Remove customer shipping costs – Customers save money by picking up items rather than shipping them directly. 
  • Provide quick access to purchases – Shoppers avoid the wait time of shipping and can receive in-stock items in a matter of hours rather than days.

Retailers need to offer modern conveniences and increase store revenue. BOPIS can offer exactly that:

  • Maximize inventory visibility and positioning – BOPIS allows retailers to fulfill more online orders from inventory they already have, and ideally, from near the point of demand, driving down fulfillment costs.
  • Deliver convenience and choice for your customers – Combine the ease of online and in-app shopping with the immediacy of in-store order collection to meet modern consumer needs and improve customer relationships.
  • Reduce last mile shipping costs – Focus on bulk shipping directly to the physical store without the added expense of store-to-door costs. 
  • Increase foot traffic and cross-sell opportunities – In-store pickup assists in driving foot traffic to nearby stores and provides additional sales opportunities.

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enVista’s Unified Commerce Platform & order management system (OMS) was recently acquired by Körber—the leading supply chain software provider. Learn more about the acquisition and get in touch with the team to see how these solutions can help your business.

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