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Lutron Electronics

enVista’s business intelligence tool is very dynamic. In a supply chain world, speed to information and having the ability to do something with the information is really critical. And having a system which has the ability to ping anomalies within a supply chain, that is, spikes in costs, spikes in delivery times, or spikes in abnormal behavior from a historical perspective is very difficult for companies to overcome. enVista is now offering that capability, and having that allows us to very quickly, and with a targeted approach, address anomalies in the supply chain, which ultimately improves our deliveries to our customers.

Oliver Huber

Director, Global Logistics and Trade Compliance

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GNC – OMS Testimonial

I would tell other companies that are interested in doing business with enVista is that they will have a true partner. In no case have I ever found that we were being distanced and being treated as a vendor.

We worked together to ensure we were aligned on the timelines, and then also understand what was required for us in 2020 as we move to an omnichannel [strategy].

Chadwick Hamby

Senior Director, Ecommerce Operations

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GNC – Dropship Video Testimonial

The vendor dropship partnership has truly offered us a significant amount of opportunity to grow with our franchise operation.

The enVista team has done a significant job partnering with us to help us grow, to on-boarding, to offering the flexibility of either using the platform, EDI, or a flat file, so it’s opened it up for all vendors.

Chadwick Hamby

Senior Director, Ecommerce Operations

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Koch Industries

With enVista’s help, we’ve identified the right transportation management system that will help carry us through for years to come.

People in businesses don’t usually take the time to do strategy review that leads into a design, that leads into a software selection and implementation, and with enVista’s help we’ve done all three of those. We feel like we’re a step ahead of everybody.

Ashley Miller

Director of Digital Transformation