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A Year in Review – enVista’s 10 Most Popular Blogs in 2021

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In 2021, COVID-19 continued to force brands to adapt and evolve to remain competitive as COVID-19 challenged organizations’ supply chains, labor and omnichannel operations. As today’s retail and supply chain landscape becomes more dynamic, enVista continues to promote useful and up-to-date blog content, offering thought leadership to help organizations drive value across their enterprises. Ranging from maximizing warehouse space and applying lean principles to Microsoft D365 features, we look at the 10 most-read blogs below that provided retail and supply chain leaders with the most valuable insight.

1. How to Maximize Warehouse Storage Space Utilization Without Expansion

Distribution centers struggle with how to allocate and utilize their space in their warehouses, especially with space being limited at 85 percent of its occupancy. Managing inventory in your distribution center is no easy task and is one of the primary challenges due to limited space. Increasing capacity is possible without expanding your space – you just must understand the right strategies to do so.

2. D365 Developer Series: X++ Chain of Command

Chain of Command is a feature with Microsoft Dynamics 365, yet many organizations do not utilize this feature because they do not understand the capabilities. What is it? How do I use it? When would I use it? What does it replace? Gain insight into these questions and more to see how Chain of Command can help your business.

3. 4 Warehouse Management System Case Studies

Warehouse management systems (WMS) can enhance your warehouse’s efficiency, as well as increase your profit due to the time and money saved. WMS is a major investment, but these four case studies outline successful WMS implementations and why making the investment will improve your warehouse operations.

4. 10 Tips for Successful Incentive Plans

To increase productivity without the need for large capital improvements, utilizing incentive pay programs is a great supply chain initiative to consider. enVista’s Vice President of Technology, Tom Stretar, delivers advice on achieving a successful incentive plan.

5. 10 Tips on Using Lean in Retail Stores

The goal of lean methodology is to provide a framework on how to deliver more benefits and value while eliminating waste. Lean thinking in relation to supply chains, manufacturing and distribution is commonly applied, but what does this do for retail operations? Opportunities to reduce waste and improve productivity can be accomplished while utilizing Lean in retail stores.

6. Incentive Based Pay: Implementing a Warehouse Program

A critical issue nationwide is employer competition for labor, as well as staff turnover. Employers must focus on employee retention to turn their business into a more cost-effective environment and increase employee motivation. Learn why employee retention is best achieved through incentives and increased pay.

7. D365 Developer Series: Data Contracts

Discover strategies on how to overcome the problems encountered when passing data between functions and services with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Technical tips are given to find balance between strongly typed data, while avoiding technical debts.

8. How to Apply Lean Principles to a Distribution Center

Did you know that Lean practices are not only just associated with manufacturing? They are also a powerful tool and training mechanism for any environment. As logistics costs continue to increase, Lean tools are your way to achieve profitability.

9. Lazy Load Components and Services in SPFX: Part One

Building collaboration tools that have many roles is a powerful tool but comes with the challenge of being unable to utilize every function. Is it worth creating these tools that cannot be used in their entirety? Intelligent lazy loading includes a mechanism to decipher which components and services are needed, excluding the functions not necessary now. This blog also includes more on code splitting and dynamic import, providing real-life examples of how lazy loading can improve the experience you have with your clients.

10. Importance of Program Management

When confusion with communication occurs while completing projects, your program can quickly head in the direction where it is off-schedule and off-budget. With a lack of communication, decisions are hard to make and the project could have numerous delays resulting in backtracking the entire operation. Learn how program management can help avoid this.

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